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The service department has a complex structure.  Readers are served on 8 subscriptions, in 10 reading rooms, in 8 halls of electronic resources. The service Department provides group delivery of educational literature, organizes book exhibitions to help the educational process, open literature reviews for scientific conferences, presentations of new books, Information Days, Department Days, Graduate Days.

Educational libraries are collections of educational, scientific, reference literature, periodicals according to the profile of the faculty; more than 80 thousand editions of fiction; rare books; literature in foreign languages; electronic resources; multidimensional search through an electronic catalog; provision of services: selection of literature, compilation and editing of lists by topic, bibliographic references, night subscription, photocopying, lamination, binding.

Abdreimova Aizat Kazybekovna

Head of Service Department

8 (7212) 35-64-69 ext. 1074

The Department of Electronic Resources provides software and technical support for the automation of the main library processes, creates databases of the electronic catalog for retrospective funds, provides methodological support for the automation of the library and subordinate libraries of universities and colleges; forms electronic library resources: creates thematic full-text databases, the electronic library of the university, acquires external full-text databases (“Zan”, “Paragraph”, “EBSCO Publishing”, “Elsevier”, “Science”, etc.), forms a fund of CD-ROMs, audiovisual documents; provides access to electronic resources, satellite television and the Internet; organizes electronic document delivery (EDD); provides services. The structure of the department includes 8 halls of electronic resources:


Kaliakbarova Zhanargul Taukelovna

Head of Electronic Resources Department

8 (7212) 35-64-47 ext. 1046

The department of acquisition and cataloging of library resources is engaged in the formation of the fund; carries out current acquisition; replenishment; subscription to periodicals; book exchange; maintains a total and individual accounting of the library fund. The main recruitment processes are automated: individual accounting, subscription, registration of periodicals. The department centrally carries out systematization, cataloging and technical processing of books and other materials for the structural divisions of the library; forms an electronic catalog database for new arrivals; organizes, maintains, and edits the general catalogues of the library; provides methodological guidance for catalogues in subordinate libraries of universities and colleges. The staff of the department conducts classes for students on the basics of information culture.

Nurlanova Juldyz Amantaevna

Head of the Department of Acquisition and Cataloging of Library Resources

8 (7212) 35-64-47 ext. 1106

Network and electronic catalog administration service. Software and technical support for automation of library processes. Uninterrupted operation of the EC, timely updating of the database. Editing the EC. Professional development of library staff on automation of library processes.

фото Ким

Kim Nadezhda Vissarionovna

Network administration and electronic catalog service

8 (7212) 35-64-47 ext. 1044