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        Dear freshmen!

        Congratulations on your admission to the Karaganda University named after E.A.Buketov.

By enrolling in Buketov University, you become a reader of the Scientific Library.

The National Bank has about 2 million copies of books and magazines, including 10 thousand rare books, since the XVIII century.

The scientific library of Buketov University consists of 11 reading rooms; 8 subscriptions; 8 halls of electronic resources in 8 academic buildings; 15,000 readers.

Admission to the library is based on personnel management data (for teaching staff and employees) and student enrollment orders. The user is given an ID card, which gives the right to visit all reading rooms and halls of electronic resources of the scientific library.

An electronic ordering system is in place in all departments.

The library provides access to databases of educational and scientific literature in electronic form.

If you have any questions, please contact the librarian.

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List of educational library addresses

Address: st. Universitetskaya, 28; tel.8(7212) 35-64-47

  • Common reading room (3rd floor, room 302)
  • Subscription of educational literature on legal and economic sciences
  • Electronic Resources Hall (2nd floor, room 202)
  • Catalog Hall (2nd floor, room 202)

Address: st. Universitetskaya, 28/a.Building No. 2

  • Subscription (4th floor)
  • Reading room (4th floor)
  • Electronic Resources Hall (4th floor)

Address: st. Universitetskaya, 28/b. Building No. 3

  • Subscription (2nd floor)
  • Reading room (2nd floor)
  • Researcher’s Hall (2nd floor)
  • Electronic Resources Hall (1st floor, room 113)

Address: Mukanova street 41, Building No. 6

  • Subscription (2nd floor)
  • Reading room (2nd floor)
  • Hall of Electronic Resources (2nd floor)

Address: Mukanov Street, 1. Building No. 8, tel. 8 (7212) 77-04-37

  • Educational and scientific literature subscription (2 floors
  • Study hall (2nd floor)
  • Electronic resources hall (2nd floor)

Address: Mukanova str., 1. Building No. 9, tel. 8(7212) 77-04-37

  • Subscription (1st floor)
  • Reading room (1st floor)
  • Electronic Resources Hall (2nd floor)

Address: Karbysheva str., 7. Building No. 11

  • Subscription (1st floor)
  • Reading room (1st floor)
  • Electronic Resources Hall (1st floor)

Address: 38 Gogol str., Building No. 4

  • Electronic Resources Hall (1st floor)
  • Subscription (1st floor)
  • Reading room (1st floor) 
  • Hall of Rare Books (1st floor)
  • Coworking Center