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Internet resources with test access

Business Sources Ultimate is a database of full-text journals and other types of publications in the field of economics and business. The database contains more than 5,930 full-text scientific journals and more than 36,150 other publications: profiles of companies from around the world, industry reports, SWOT analyzes of companies, market research reports, reviews of economic development of countries around the world, business cases, books/monographs, periodicals, etc. In total, the database indexes more than 7,488 scientific publications from more than 2,555 publishers from 93 countries. Full-text publications of the scientific base cover more than 945 subject areas in the field of economics, management, finance, trade, commerce, banking, investment, marketing, accounting, sales, personnel management, law, etc.

Access to the database is via the link

At the university, access to the platform is carried out using an IP address, i.e. No passwords are required.