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Subscription databases

The PARAGRAPH information system is a unique reference system that combines several information blocks – from those specific to lawyers, accountants and doctors, to the reference information needed by every person on a daily basis. This includes addresses and phone numbers of government agencies, public utilities, organizations working in the social and service sectors, and much more.

eLIBRARY.RU is Russia’s largest electronic library of scientific publications, which has rich possibilities for searching and analyzing scientific information. The library is integrated with the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) – a free public tool for measuring the publication activity of scientists and organizations created by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. eLIBRARY.RU and RSCI are developed and maintained by the Scientific Electronic Library company.

The Republican Interuniversity electronic Library unites electronic educational and scientific resources of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Interuniversity exchange of educational literature, educational and methodological complexes, scientific articles, R&D reports and other publications.

Wiley is an international publishing house that specializes in publishing academic publications. John Wiley & Sons publishes publications for professionals, students and teachers of higher education, researchers, scientists, and physicians. John Wiley & Sons publishes books, magazines, encyclopedias in print and electronic form, and provides access to products and services on the Internet].

Scopus is a unified bibliographic and abstract database of peer—reviewed scientific literature, created in 2004 by the academic publishing house Elsevier. Access to Scopus is provided by an institutional subscription. As of January 2020, about 77.8 million publications from more than 25,100 publications, more than 9.8 million conference reports and 44 million patents were indexed in Scopus.

The Web of Science (WoS) database searches and ranks publications out of 12,000 international and regional journals and ongoing publications in all fields
of natural sciences and humanities. The database allows you to: – create your own strategy for publishing in
journals with an impact factor;

The electronic library of the Russian State Library of Economics is a unique full–text scientific and educational resource
containing more than 1,700,000 constantly updated documents, including
dissertations and abstracts in all branches of science, scientific and educational
literature, as well as various thematic collections.

В базе данных Web of Science (WoS) осуществляется
поиск и ранжирование публикаций из 12000 международных и региональных журналов и
продолжающихся изданий по всем областям естественных и гуманитарных наук. База данных позволяет: – создать собственную стратегию публикации в журналах с импакт-фактором;