In the Internet there are many Open Electronic Libraries containing full texts of books, scientific articles, patents. We bring to your attention some of them that may be useful for scientific work.

Russian Resources

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR)

The full-text electronic library of the Russian Foundation for Fundamental Research contains books published with the support of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, issues of the RFFI Bulletin (since 2002), popular science articles of Russian and foreign authors. Access is available at:


Scientific electronic library, the main tasks of which are popularization of science and scientific activity, public control of the quality of scientific publications, development of a modern institute of scientific review and increasing the citation of Russian science. CyberLenin supports the dissemination of knowledge on the Open Access model, providing free online access to scientific publications in electronic form, which, depending on the agreements with the copyright holder, are placed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license. The total number of scientific journals in the library is 173, the journals from the list of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation are 97, more than 82,000 articles. Access is available at:

The UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies (IITE) "Open Educational Resources"

The Institute is the only UNESCO organization specializing in the use of ICT in education and has a great potential for resources in this field. Http://

Single window of access to educational resources

It is the largest in the Russian segment of the Internet storage of full-text versions of educational, educational and scientific materials with open access. The library contains more than 30 000 materials, the sources of which are more than three hundred Russian universities and other educational and scientific institutions. Http://

Scientific electronic library

The largest Russian information and analytical portal in the field of science, technology, medicine and education, containing abstracts and full texts of more than 22 million scientific articles and publications, including electronic versions of more than 4,800 Russian scientific and technical journals, of which more than 3,800 journals are publicly available . To access the full texts, you must register in the library

Foreign resources

Open Access Theses and Dissertations (OATD)

The OATD database contains 1.5 million dissertations. Full texts are stored on servers of universities, abstracts are available or 30 first pages of dissertations. Access to the information resource is provided at:

Google Scholar Search Engine

Google Scholar - Google Academy is a freely available search engine that provides full-text search for scientific publications of all formats and disciplines. Google Academy allows you to easily perform an extensive search for scientific literature. Using a single request form, you can search in different disciplines and on various sources, including peer-reviewed articles, theses, books, abstracts and reports published by scientific literature publishers, professional associations, higher education institutions and other scientific organizations. Google Academy allows you to find a study that most closely matches your query, among a huge number of scientific papers. Access to the resource is available at:

Google Patent Search Service

New search service for Google Patent Search patents. Access to the search is at More than 8 million patents are now available.


The collection of open access journals by SAGE Publishing. Http://


The collection of free access journals by Springer publishing in all fields of science, technology and medicine. Access is available at:

DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals

The largest catalog of open access journals (more than 10 000 thousand items) in biology, chemistry, medicine, social sciences, computer technology. Its goal is to increase the transparency and ease of use of scientific and academic journals, thereby contributing to increasing their use and impact. More than 50 Russian scientific journals are represented in the DOAJ. Access is available at:

DOAB (Directory of open access books)

The catalog of books of open access. This service allows you to search for peer-reviewed books published under an open access license. DOAB provides indexing to find information about these books, as well as links to full text publications on the publisher's website or repository. Currently, more than 1410 books by 50 largest publishers in English are presented. Access is available at:

SSOAR (Social Science Open Access Repository)

The resource in German, one of the largest open electronic repositories, presents in accordance with the Berlin Declaration on Open Access literature on social sciences. (Demography, sociology, psychology, political science, economics, etc.). Has a DINI Certificate confirming compliance of formal and technical standards and quality criteria for open access storage. Http://

SSRN (Social Science Research Network)

One of the largest electronic libraries on economics and management consists of two parts: an abstract database containing abstracts on more than 548100 scientific papers and preprints, and a collection of electronic documents, now containing more than 450,600 downloadable full text documents in PDF format Adobe Acrobat . The readers have the opportunity to directly communicate with authors and other subscribers on the topics of their research - the detailed contact information of the authors of documents, including e-mail addresses, is published. Http://

Scientific Commons

A non-profit organization that created free-to-use standard contracts - free and non-free public licenses, through which authors and rights holders can express their will and distribute their works more widely and freely, and consumers of content are legally and easier to use these works. Http://


An international open access archive for electronic publications related to the library, informatics and technology, as well as related disciplines of applications. Http://


Mendeley is a unique solution combining the means of collecting and cataloging scientific articles for the subsequent preparation of check-lists, as well as finding like-minded people and studying the trends of modern research. Mendeley was created in 2008 by young scientists and is actively developing. At the moment, Mendeley has registered more than 3 million users, who have already published more than 400 million unique articles. Http://

Highwire Free

Free full-text articles by HighWire Press online on biology, physics, social sciences and medicine (over 300 journals and about 2 million full-text articles since 1812)