These Rules are based on the "Regulations on the Scientific Library of the Karaganda State University named after EA Buketov" and regulate the relationship between the library and users of the library.

1. Reader's rights

The reader has the right:

To use the main types of library-bibliographic and information services provided by the National Library;
To receive full information on the composition of the funds of the National Library of Belarus and to provide advice in the search for and selection of sources of information;
Receive documents for temporary use in the house or for use in the reading room;
To receive documents or their copies on electronic delivery of documents (EDD) in the established order;
Receive additional information and services for a fee (according to the "List of paid library and bibliographic and information services and works provided by the EB Bakuro State University of Uzbekistan");
To participate in events held by the National Bank;
Contact the administration of the National Bank with various requests and proposals.
2. Obligations of the reader

Implement these Terms of Use of the National Bank of Ukraine:

To treat carefully the documents received from the Fund of the National Bank, to return them in a timely manner;
When receiving documents, review each publication and, if any defects are found, inform the NB employee about it; Responsibility for damage to documents is borne by the reader who used them last;
Annually at the beginning of the academic year, go through re-registration with the presentation of all documents listed therein; Readers who do not re-register are not served;
When leaving the university to return to the NB all of the documents listed for him, pass the card of the reader and sign a workbook;
In case of loss or damage of documents, replace them with documents recognized as equivalent by the NB;
To reimburse the cost of a lost publication in case of impossibility of its equivalent replacement;
Observe silence and order when visiting the National Bank and maintain a correct relationship with other readers and employees.
3. The reader is not allowed

To remove from the NB premises documents, if they are not written in the reader's form;
Transmit the card to the reader to another person;
To carry out without permission various types of work on PCs installed in the National Library;
Enter the premises of the National Security Bureau in outer clothing.
4. Rights and obligations of the NB

In its activities, the NB ensures the realization of the rights of readers. The NB must:

Form their funds in accordance with the profile of the university;
To provide readers with access to all NB funds on paper, electronic, audio, video and other media;
To provide readers with complete information on the composition of library collections through the catalog system and other forms of library information;
To provide advice to readers in the search and selection of information sources, to improve their information culture;
Carry out accounting, storage and use of documents in the NB funds;
Be responsible for the safety of their funds;
Conduct humanitarian and educational work, conduct mass events that promote the formation of a high level of readership of spirituality and morality, a broad scientific outlook, creative thinking and the ability to further self-education;
Create and maintain comfortable conditions for the readers in the library.
5. Procedure for recording the reader

When writing to the NB, the reader gets acquainted in accordance with the established procedure with these Rules and receives a Card of the reader and an Electronic reader's ticket:PPP and students The card of the reader is issued on the subscription of the educational library of the faculty;
The electronic library card is issued in the general reading room (main building, 3rd floor);
Employees of the University receive the Card of the reader on the subscription of the educational library of the building in which they work;
Students of other universities and students of schools of the training and production complex served by contracts, a Reader card is issued for the academic year (on the subscription of educational literature on economic and legal sciences, building 2);
Extraneous readers are served in the reading rooms for a fee on identity cards. According to the request of organizations or an agreement with them, the service can be provided free of charge;
The validity period of the Reader Card is the academic year; Annually, at the beginning of the academic year, the NB carries out a re-registration of readers;
The card of the reader is valid only with a photo, a stamp of the National Bank and an annual note on re-registration;
Students, undergraduates and graduate students are enrolled in the National Bank on the basis of orders for enrollment and 2 photographs;
Teachers, staff to write to the National Bureau present the identity card of an employee of the University or an identity card and a certificate from the Personnel Department, 2 photos.

6. Rules for using the subscription

On the subscription of the edition are issued for the house for the following terms:

Educational publications - for students, undergraduates - for a semester or academic year in accordance with curricula and programs; Teachers, graduate students - for the academic year (not more than 15 copies);
Teachers can take educational literature for work in the summer, but not more than 7 copies;
Educational publications, available inadequate copies, are issued for "short-term subscription" (from 10 to 30 days);
Scientific publications are issued for 20 days to 5 copies. - all categories of readers;
Art publications are issued to students of the Faculty of Philology and the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​for 15 days to 5 copies, retrospective literary and art magazines for 7 days; Students of other faculties for up to 10 days;
From multivolume editions at the same time issued no more than 2 volumes;
The period of use of scientific and art publications can be extended if they are not in demand by other readers (or reduced if the publication is in high demand);
When receiving publications, the reader is obliged: to put a date and sign for each copy on book forms;
In case of untimely return of publications and unaccepted measures to extend the period of use from the reader, a fine is charged for late payment in the amount established by the National Bank and approved by the university rector;
The subscription is opened to students, undergraduates and employees only in their educational library;
Students of extramural students are provided with publications on the subscription only for the duration of the session;
Teachers, graduate students can use any library subscription (upon departure from the university they sign a detour sheet on all training subscriptions).
Teachers and university staff are required at the end of the school year, i.е. Until July 1, to hand over or extend the period of use (but not more than 5 copies) of all library publications, to receive a checklist on the absence of debts and to hand it over to the accounting department of accounting until the next working holiday.
After passing the checklist, teachers and staff can take the necessary literature for the summer holidays.
7. The rules of using the library's reading room

When ordering publications in the reading room, readers submit a map to the reader, fill out the reader's demand:

The number of publications issued simultaneously in the reading room should not exceed 7 copies;
2 hours before the closing of the reading room, readers can issue publications for the "night subscription" (encyclopedias and other reference editions, rare, valuable, single copies, magazines, single copies of documents from the main book storage, but no more than 3 copies) are issued. ;
On the "night subscription" of the publication are issued to the reader after payment on the security of the reader's card, to outside universities the persons of the publication on the "night subscription" are not given out;
Documents for use on the SRSP are issued from the reading room under the responsibility of the teacher.
Access to the Internet via a wireless Wi-Fi system is provided in the reading rooms upon presentation of the Reader Card
8. Rules for using the hall of electronic resources and multimedia rooms

Service in the halls is carried out according to the map of the reader.
At the first visit to the hall, the user is registered and instructed by the employee of the hall according to the rules for using the hall and the safety rules.
When writing to work on the Internet, you must specify the topic of information retrieval.
To work on the Internet, students are provided 1 hour per day, teachers, graduate students, undergraduates - 2 hours.
Users are obliged to treat the equipment with care, in case of a malfunction of the computer equipment, immediately inform the employee of the hall.
Users have the right to conduct correspondence by e-mail for educational and scientific purposes within 15 minutes. Private correspondence is not allowed.
The halls are allowed to use their own audio, video cassettes, CD-ROMs with educational and scientific materials.
9. Responsibility of readers for violations of the Rules for the Use of the NB

Readers who systematically or grossly violate these Rules may be deprived of the right to use the National Bank for a period of 1 month or more.
Information on gross violations of the present Rules by the readers are submitted for consideration to the deans.